< 1986 >
Established Saigon 3 Garment Factory

Including Factory 1 & Factory 2 (6 production lines per factory) at the headquarters, 86 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, HCMC,

and Thu Duc factory (3 production lines) in Thu Duc District

With about 850 employees in total.

The main products were blouses, dresses and skirts made for export to the Soviet Union.

< 1989 >
Merged the City's Garment and Mechanical Factory with Saigon 3 Garment Factory
< 1990 >
Transformed Saigon 3 Garment Factory into Saigon 3 Garment Company

The Company changed customer base from the Soviet Union's to Western European enterprises

And key products were changed from Shirts, Dresses and Skirts to High end Jackets.

The first customers were Steilman, Berleb, Golass, etc.

< 1992 >
Cooperated with Nissho - Iwai Inc. (Japan)

The main products were Work Wear  and khaki pants.

In this period, Saigon 3 was known as one of the first garment companies in Vietnam

that could export products to Japan, the most challenging market in the industry.


Established Factory 3 - Yoshiko


Specializing in khaki and Work Wear for export.


Renamed Thu Duc factory to Factory 4

< 1993 >
Renamed Factory 4 to Factory 4 - Akiko

Specializing in sports clothing for Nike, Colombia Sportwears, CK, TimberLand, etc.


Established Factory 5 - Minako


With 6 production lines and 450 employees, the factory specialized in producing khaki pants for the customers such as Minoya and Unicorn.

< 1994 >
Established Factory 6 - Makoto

The company invested the most modern jeans production lines at that time.

In order to fulfill exclusive orders by famous American brands such as Wrangler and Levi's… for exporting to the Japanese market.

< 1995 >
Established Binh Phuoc Factory

Specializing in synthetic polyester clothes and military uniforms for Tahshin Taiwanese customers.

< 1995 >
Successfully organized the first "Golden Hand" contest for skilled workers.

Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Nga won the "Golden Hand" award.

< 12/05/1995 >
Received Third Class Labor Medal
< 1999 >
Established Hiep Phuoc factory

With 6/12 production lines transferred from Factory 1 & Factory 2.

< 31/08/2000 >
Received Second Class Labor Medal
< 2001 >
Equitized and transformed into Saigon 3 Garment Joint Stock Company

In this year, the Company started to take orders of khaki and jeans clothing.

The products were exported to Japan and other countries in the world.

< 2001 >
Relocated Factory 3 - Yoshiko

From 140 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1 to 524 Le Quang Dinh, Go Vap District, HCMC.

Former address at 140 Nguyen Van Thu later became Building 140 NVT.


Relocated Binh Phuoc factory


From No. 2, National Road 1A, Thu Duc District to 40/32 National Road 13,

Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District

< 2002 >
Headquartered at 40/32 National Road 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc

Also transferred the remaining 6 production lines of Factory 1 & 2 to establish Thinh Phuoc Garment Factory.

< 2004 >
Merged Minako Factory, Makoto Factory and Yoshiko Factory into Minako Factory 1 & 2
< 2004 >
Renamed Factory 4 - Akiko to Minako Factory 3
< 20/10/2004 >
Received First Class Labor Medal
< 24/03/2008 >
Received title Hero of Labor in Renovation era
< 2011 >
Established Thuan Phuoc Factory (Binh Duong)

With 3 production lines for HAP

< 2014 >
Recognized external shareholders' involvement in investment and management activities

The Company started to improve capacity, increase investment and

upgrade closed production model for the garment industry.

< 2015 >
Merged Thuan Phuoc Factory with Minako Factory
< 2017>
Redesigned Saigon 3's brand identity system
< 2017 >
Rebuilt headquarters and Hiep Binh Phuoc factory
< 2017 >
Constructed Dong An Minako factory

In Dong An Industrial Zone - Binh Duong province.

Awarded Certificate of Outstanding Service

By Ho Chi Minh City Business Association.

< 2018 >
Established Finishing Center

Company overview

Saigon 3 Garment Joint-Stock Company is one of the leading garment producers for export in Vietnam. Saigon 3 specializes in jeans, khaki and sport pants, with total production exceeding 12 million units per year.

Saigon 3 always prioritizes the quality of products and services in any activity, all for the utmost satisfaction of customers. This becomes the fundamental basis for the Company's business operation, thus promoting sustainable and effective cooperation with its partners and creating numerous opportunities for development and prosperity in the past years.




Saigon 3 Garment Joint-Stock Company is one of the leading garment producers for export in Vietnam.


Sustainable development


Eco-friendly products and technology.
Employees' second home.


Supportive, creative and efficient teamwork. Visionary and dynamic leadership. Consistent professionalism in quality





Quality policies

Saigon 3 Garment Joint Stock Company is committed to maintain and continuously improve:

  • Product: The company builds and maintains the management system according to the Total Quality Management program (TQM) and ISO 9001 standard. We actively control the quality from the stage of importing raw materials to finished products. Providing competitive products in terms of quality, cost and customer satisfaction are our aim.
  • Environment: Environmental management is in accordance with ISO 14001 and Higg Index program. We are aiming to develop green, clean, modern and environmentally friendly factories.
  • Social responsibility: We are capable of meeting all requirements of relevant laws and customer standards. We build the system and assess based on BSCI standards. We participate in the Better Work program to improve the working environment. There are reputable third parties taking periodic reviews on our compliance with social responsibility.
  • Work environment/human resources: Saigon 3 ensure a safe, fair and transparent working environment, meeting the statutory requirements and international labor standards. We care for the development of internal human resources through the good recruitment process, training, recognition of achievements and development of adequate remuneration and policies.

Employment policies

Through the application of the SA8000 social responsibility system, we take great care of our workers' material and social lives. We create opportunities and motivate employees to take professional training courses to further their own career and keep up with the Company's business development trends.

Saigon 3 Garment Joint Stock Company always updates its policies for the employees' benefits, showing how the Board of Directors take great care and responsibility for staff members and workers alike. We are committed to implementing social policies and improving workers' rights under the Vietnamese labor law.

Besides bonuses on the Lunar New Year and major holidays in the year, the Company also has timely commendation for specialized groups and individuals who have successfully completed their assigned tasks. In addition, there are annual welfare regimes such as uniform allowance, childcare allowance and scholarships for staff's children with high academic achievements etc.

Recruiment policies

Recruitment and training

Saigon 3 recruits workers from various sources. The Company will check their skill level carefully before taking in. For untrained employees, the Company will provide full training courses which follow elaborate, comprehensive syllabi and offer first-hand experience with the actual production process in the factories over the past years.

The general objective of training is that workers acquire core skills and the ability to learn from real-life working experiences, thus meeting the work requirements in the production line.

Work experience

Most workers in Saigon 3 have been producing orders from foreign partners such as Uniqlo, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, A & F, DKNY and many more. Orders from such prestigious brands often require very high standards of quality, and products made by workers of Saigon 3 always made the partners very satisfied.

Continuous on-the-job training and re-training

Textile and garment products always change for the better, resulting in increasing pressure on levels of production. Therefore, training and re-training for employees in Saigon 3 is a continuous long-term process.

Every year, in addition to training for new workers, Saigon 3 organizes its own workshops or cooperates with other companies to organize special training courses. The training contents usually include product quality testing, designing, diagramming, management, foreign language skills, leadership skills and many more.